Parent- Teacher Meetings-After every Assessment-Instructions

 Parent- Teacher Meetings-After every Assessment-Instructions

2023-24 విద్యా సంవత్సరం ప్రతీ అసెస్మెంట్ అనంతరం విద్యార్థుల ప్రగతిని చర్చించేందుకు ప్రతి పాఠశాలలో  పేరెంట్స్ సమావేశం నిర్వహించాలని ఉత్తర్వులు జారీ చేసిన పాఠశాల విద్యాశాఖ కమిషనర్
ఈ విద్యా సంవత్సరం FA 1 పూర్తి అయినందున దానికి సంబంధించిన తల్లితండ్రుల సమావేశం 10.08.2023 నిర్వహించాలి.

పేరెంట్ టీచర్స్ మీటింగ్.

 తల్లిదండ్రులతో సమావేశం 


మండల విద్యాశాఖ అధికారులకు మరియు ప్రధానోపాధ్యాయులకు తెలియజేయడమేమనగా ఈనెల 10వ తేదీన తల్లిదండ్రుల సమావేశం నిర్వహించాలి. ఇటీవల ఆగస్టు ఒకటో తేదీ నుండి 4వ తేదీ వరకు ఫార్మేటివ్ అసెస్మెంట్ జరిగింది. ఫార్మేటివ్ అసెస్మెంట్ -1 మార్కులు తల్లిదండ్రుల సమావేశంలో ప్రదర్శించాలి. విద్యార్థులకు వచ్చిన మార్కుల గురించి తల్లిదండ్రులతో చర్చించాలి. విద్యార్థుల స్థాయిని మరింత పెంచడానికి చేయవలసిన. కృత్యాలను చర్చించాలి. 

మార్కులతో పాటు మధ్యాహ్న భోజనము. విద్యార్థుల హాజరు పెంపు. ట్యాబ్స్ ఎక్కువగా వినియోగించడం. జగనన్న విద్యా కానుక. అమ్మ ఓడి వినియోగము. వర్క్ బుక్ నోట్స్ పూర్తి చేయడం. పాఠశాలలో పరిశుభ్రత, నాడు నేడు మొదల అంశాల గురించి కూడా చర్చించాలి.ఈ సమావేశాలకు DEO, APC, DyEO, MEO, సెక్టోరియల్ ఆఫీసర్లు పర్యవేక్షి oచాలి.

The workshop's outcomes are poised to play a pivotal role in guiding the implementation of various educational initiatives. The workshop encapsulated several key highlights, which are outlined as follows:

1. Workshop Overview: On August 3, 2023, a workshop held in Vijayawada on academic activities. The workshop aimed to brainstorm strategies that align with the theme "Promoting Ease of Living through Good Governance and Use of Technology in Schooling." This theme, pertinent to the 3rd Chief Secretaries Conference and to elevate learning outcomes while bridging the gaps between internal and external assessments. 

2. Participants: The workshop was attended by esteemed stakeholders, which includes all the JDs and above cadre ofcers in the Department of School Education, all the District Educational Ofcers in the state, all the Additional Project Coordinators of the Samagra Shiksha, all the DCEB Secretaries, all SCERT and SIEMAT faculty, identifed subject experts from each district, National Best Teacher awardees, selected Mandal Educational Ofcers, Headmasters/Principals of School Education, and all the Technical Service Agencies of the SALT project 

3. Dignitaries Present: Notably, the workshop was graced by the presence of several dignitaries, including the Honorable Education Minister Sri B. Satyanarayana Garu, Chief Secretary of Andhra Pradesh Sri K.S. Javahar Reddy Garu IAS, Principal Secretary of School Education Sri Praveen Prakash Garu IAS, Commissioner of School Education Sri S. Suresh Kumar Garu IAS, State Project Director Sri B. Srinivasarao Garu IAS and the Director Mid DayMeal Dr. Nidhi Meena Garu IAS  

4. Key Workshop Points: The workshop covered a range of discussions focusing on enhancing educational practices. These discussions included: - State-specifc suggestions for "Promoting Ease of Living & Their Status" for the Third National Chief Secretary Conference. - Reforms in assessments, including state assessments, NAS & ASER Reports, and CBSE assessments, with emphasis on bridging learning outcome gaps. - Strategies for efective English medium instruction, TOEFL preparation, and measures for improved spoken English. - Suggestions for SSC exam reforms. - Ideas concerning "Gorumudda" and "TMF." - Among other suggestions, the stakeholders' recommendation to enhance parental awareness and regular parent-teacher meetings to foster student learning improvement. 

5. Implementation Strategy: Considering the various valuable insights gained from the workshop, it is proposed to conduct parent-teacher meetings after every assessment within one week of completing assessments. The progress card of the students shall be handed over to the parents before this meeting and the learning outcomes of the students to be discussed with parents. This approach aims to actively involve parents in their children's academic progress and promote a conducive learning environment. 

6. Action Plan: Schools are currently conducting four formative assessments and two summative assessments per academic year. In line with the proposed strategy, parent-teacher meetings will be scheduled immediately following each assessment. The specifc dates for these meetings will be communicated with these orders. 

7. Discussion Points for the Parent-Teacher Meeting: During the parent-teacher meeting, the subject teachers and the headmaster should provide a clear explanation to parents about the learning gaps observed in their children's academic progress. Additionally, a comprehensive remediation plan will be outlined, which the school intends to implement to address these gaps for each student individually. The objective is to ensure a smooth and constructive communication process with parents, facilitating positive counseling sessions for both students and parents alike. Teachers are encouraged to communicate efectively the misconceptions that students might have developed in their understanding of various concepts. Furthermore, teachers will collaboratively develop and present remedial teaching plans aimed at rectifying these misconceptions and improving the overall learning experience for the students. Your dedication and commitment to the betterment of our education system are highly appreciated. Let us work collectively to implement these strategies and foster a positive learning experience for our students. In light of this, it is hereby directed that parent-teacher meetings must be conducted in every school within the designated time frame specifed below:

In this regard, the Regional Joint Directors of School Education (RJDs, SE) and the District Educational Ofcers (DEOs) in the state are requested to issue the necessary orders to the concerned schools and ofcers in their jurisdiction to implement the PTA meetings as per schedule and submit the compliance report after each meeting at once to the under signed.