Enhancement of rates of remuneration-of-ssc-exams

 Enhancement of rates of remuneration-of-ssc-exams

SSC 2023 Spot Valuation లో పాల్గొనే సిబ్బందికి పెరిగిన రెమ్యూనరేషన్ మరియు రేట్స్ తో ఉత్తర్వులు విడుదల.

SSC Public Examinations, April 2023-Enhancement of rates of remuneration payable to the personnel involved in conduct and Spot Valuation work of SSC Public Examinations - Orders -Issued.
DA Rates as per RPS 2022 For Above 8 kms + Distance 
Rs 400 Per day for HMs&12 yrs scale School Assts
Rs 300  per day For  SAs and SGTs and Junior Assts
No DA for Spl Assts
SSC invigilation and Spot Revised rates info:
G.O 37  ప్రకారము SSC  April 2023 public  Exams  నుండి వర్తించే విధముగా  invigilation Rates ఈ క్రింది విధంగా పెంపుదల చేయబడినవి
Invigilation Rates per day
CS & DO & Sitting & Flying  squad :Rs 44 to 66 
Invigilators & clerk & Medical staff :Rs 22 to 33
Attender: Rs 13.20 to Rs 20
Waterman:Rs11 to 17
Dist observer: Rs 200

Continengency :

Rs 10 per student

Spot Rates per Day

Camp officer: Rs 385 to 578
Dy camp officer: Rs 330 to Rs 495
Asst camp officer: Rs 286 to 429
CE :Rs264 to 396
AE:Rs10 per Script
Spl Asst: 137.50 to Rs 300
clerk: Rs 88 to 132
OS :Rs55 to 84
Chief coding officer: Rs 220 to 330
Asst coding officer :Rs198 to297
Tearing part 1:Rs0.17 to 0.30 per OMR
Examiners for principles of valuation:Rs250 to Rs 375